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Emma Melrose
Emma Melrose Director
Karen Burke
Karen Burke Management team
Lesley Ann Greig
Lesley Ann Greig Management team
Andy Burns
Andy Burns Guitar & Bass
Ugne Virzonyte
Ugne Virzonyte Violin & Piano
Dylan Melrose
Dylan Melrose Bass guitar & Drums
Patrick Shand
Patrick Shand Piano, Guitar, Cello
Josh Currie
Josh Currie Piano & Singing
Derrick Morgan
Derrick Morgan Piano & Trumpet
Alvaro Copetti
Alvaro Copetti Guitar
Zofie Dvorakova
Zofie Dvorakova Piano, Violin
Ross Mallon
Ross Mallon Piano, Clarinet
Iain Duncan
Iain Duncan Drums & Guitar
James Alexander
James Alexander Guitar, Bass, Ukulele
Diego Hart
Diego Hart Piano
Neil Brunton
Neil Brunton Piano, Accordion
Robert Wright
Robert Wright Drums, Guitar
John McGruther
John McGruther Guitar, Drums, Piano
Liya Li
Liya Li Piano
Callum McWilliams
Callum McWilliams Guitar
Amy Brown
Amy Brown Piano, Singing
Beth McKenzie
Beth McKenzie Singing, Piano
Donna Smith
Donna Smith Singing, Piano
Scott Cunningham
Scott Cunningham Guitar & Piano
Arianna Ranieri
Arianna Ranieri Violin
Augusto Arias
Augusto Arias Piano, Guitar
Zofia Marshall
Zofia Marshall Piano, Violin
Ciaran Glancy
Ciaran Glancy Guitar
Maria Urian
Maria Urian Piano
Pricing Introductory Offer: 5 lessons for the price of 4 on your first block for £66.

Fees paid monthly in advance by cash, cheque or standing order. Please note we require 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule a lesson otherwise the full lesson charge will apply.

We offer gift vouchers which can be used for any instrument. A block booking voucher can be used to try out different instruments.

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