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Emma Melrose
Emma Melrose Director
Dylan Melrose
Dylan Melrose Bass guitar & Drums
Ugne Virzonyte
Ugne Virzonyte Violin & Piano
Andy Burns
Andy Burns Guitar & Bass
Carmen Matas
Carmen Matas Piano
Ruairidh Pattie
Ruairidh Pattie Piano & Singing
Josh Currie
Josh Currie Piano & Singing
Alvaro Copetti
Alvaro Copetti Guitar & Saxophone
Iain Duncan
Iain Duncan Drums & Guitar
Neil Brunton
Neil Brunton Piano & Accordion
John McGruther
John McGruther Guitar, Drums, Piano
Callum McWilliams
Callum McWilliams Guitar
Beth McKenzie
Beth McKenzie Singing & Piano
Donna Smith
Donna Smith Singing & Piano
Fennella McCallum
Fennella McCallum Pre 5's Musical groups
Scott Cunningham
Scott Cunningham Guitar & Piano
Teresa Ferreira
Teresa Ferreira Violin & Viola
Brianna Berman
Brianna Berman Violin
Pricing Introductory Offer: 5 lessons for the price of 4 on your first block for £66.

Fees paid monthly in advance by cash, cheque or standing order. Please note we require 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule a lesson otherwise the full lesson charge will apply.

We offer gift vouchers which can be used for any instrument. A block booking voucher can be used to try out different instruments.

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